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Interviews by Ray Jaramis and Phil Thompson

Did you know you can offer financial advice for $30? NOD has facilitated over 2000 consumers questions to advisers with an average turn around time of 24 hours.

Nod’s mission is to create a platform where everyone on the planet can get on-demand access to help with financial decisions and questions about money from a network of trusted financial experts. NODs target market are young people – generally those under 35 – who do not currently have a financial adviser but are making big money decisions around things like buying a car or house, getting married, starting a family, or launching a business.

Getting advice about money is as simple as: 1) Ask a question. 2) Pick an adviser. 3) Get a great answer.

Founder Joel Robbie is interviewed this week to talk all things start up about how the platform came into being.

Join us again next week. XY Live Episode 41 – Lessons learned from starting a financial blog and tips for setting one up on XY Adviser Facebook Live!

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