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Lexi Smith, Fraser Jack, Clayton Daniel


Fraser Jack 

Welcome to the x y advisor podcast. A global community of financial advisors sharing and learning with one another to drive the positive evolution of financial advice. To get involved, go to x y Or simply download the x y advisor.


Clayton Daniel 

This episode is proudly sponsored by integrity your partner for life integrity recently launched an exclusive research paper to help advisors understand how to attract and retain new clients. They believe their role in the industry is bigger than just providing products they want to help create a sustainable industry. Educate clients and support advisors personally in their business. You can get a copy of the report and learn more about integrity if you visit integrity forward slash x y.


Fraser Jack 

Welcome back to the x y advisor podcast. I’m Fraser Jack and today I’m joined by Lexi Smith. Welcome, Lexi. Thank you, thank you for having me. You’re very welcome. Now we’re talking about all sorts of different things around the concept of providing or helping clients in a way that’s not necessarily being a licensed financial planner, living the dream. So let’s start by giving the this is a quick overview of you and what you’re doing in your business at the moment.


Lexi Smith 

So even though I’m a non practicing CFP, I now help mums become better with money using cash flow critiques.


Fraser Jack 

Wow, fantastic. And then and of course, you just met as you mentioned you currently a non practicing CFP, but you were a pilot for a long time.


Lexi Smith 

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