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What if we told you Cara Brett, the Director and Adviser of Bounce Financial, attracted 30 new social media followers, received 10 enquiries and turned 6 of those enquiries into new clients, and all from one Instagram post? Does this motivate you to re-think your social media strategy?

Cara insists she’s no social media guru or influencer, but she is consistent and authentic. She uses her social platforms to build trust with her audience long before ever having any initial conversation with them.

This is an awesome episode, with Cara sharing what she’s been doing in the client acquisition space, how she’s using Instagram like a blog and why she’s feeling optimistic about the future of Advice.

Episode highlights:

3:15 – What’s it like running a business with your husband?

11:30 – Where are your new clients coming from?

13:09 – How are you using Instagram?

18:20 – How are you using Facebook? Who are you attracting with this medium?

22:30 – Why you need to be consistent on social media

32:30 – How do you feel about where Advice is headed?

Show Notes:

Cara Brett LinkedIn –

Bounce Financial website –

Bounce Financial Instagram –

Bounce Financial Facebook –

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We’re proud to partner with Virtual Business Partners who is working to create progressive change within the advice industry and help drive the positive evolution of financial advice.

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