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Which areas of the Financial Planning process do you really enjoy? What if you could eliminate the areas of Financial Planning you don’t like, and focus on the ones you enjoy most? Well, that’s exactly what Amie Baker (LinkedIn: /amie-baker-10975828) of Rekab Advice ( did.

Amie realised being her client’s active investment manager was not how she could provide the most value, so she made a conscious decision to outsource all areas of FP she doesn’t enjoy, to focus on what she does best – helping her client’s articulate what they want out of life and tailoring a financial plan to help them get there.

This is a great episode for anyone who wants an insight into what one successful adviser is doing in her business.

Episode highlights:

12:30 – How has your life experiences helped you as a Financial Advisor?

18:41 – The elements of Financial Planning Amie has outsourced and why

22:50 – What did you do to get better at behavioural finance?

27:48 – The scarcity mindset with money, and how to help your clients who have this

32:25 – Why Advisors need to get creative in changing the perception of advice to the average Australian

47:40 – As an Advisor, do you ever feel like there’s an end date to working with a client?

Show Notes:

Dare to Lead book by Brene Brown (amazing idea for Advisors) –

Tribes book by Seth Godin (great for business and getting your confidence to influence and lead) –

Nudge book by Cass Sunstein & Richard Thawler –

Misbehaving book by Richard Thawler –

Thinking Fast And Slow book by Daniel Kahneman –

XY Adviser Online Training Platform –

General Disclaimer –

This podcast is brought to you by HUB24 (https//, an ASX listed company with over $10b in funds under management and one of the fastest growing platforms in the market. They believe in connecting advisers to innovative solutions that create opportunity, while delivering an awesome user and client experience. They’re big time supporters of advisers going solo and their BDM team are great to work with. We’re proud to partner with HUB24 – they’re big fans of the XY community and are continuing to help drive the positive evolution of financial advice.

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