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“Is the licensee creating the right environment for the adviser to do their best work in the best interests of the client?”

You’ll hear the above quote delivered by this week’s guest, Mark Hoven (LinkedIn: /markhoven) – CEO Wealth at Adviser Ratings. You’ll also hear why this particular question is part of the reason Adviser Ratings are now looking to roll out a rating system for licensees within the Financial Services industry.

Mark’s professional career is an impressive (and mixed bag) of engineering, stock broking and corporate finance. Though it’s his current role where he really shines, leading a growing and highly responsive startup team.

In this episode you’ll learn:

8:53 – Why you can be truly responsive as a scaling startup.

13:18 – How Adviser Ratings are becoming a bridge to the industry between consumers and advisers.

19:20 – The limitations advisers face with licensees in delivering their best work to clients.

22:09 – Will a lack of uncertainty remain if there is a change of government?

26:01 – How we can start servicing groups, who have traditionally not been touched by advice.

34:15 – Is technology the answer to all advisers problems?

Show Notes:

Adviser Ratings Robo Register –

XY Adviser Online Training Platform –

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