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Stella Norberti (LinkedIn: /stellanorberti/) is the gung-ho adviser and part owner of Absolute Wealth Advisors (AWA: )who juggles a family of three kids and holds the unofficial record for the loudest keyboard tapping (according to Ben). Stella started out providing great customer service to clients nine years ago as a CSO and is now providing great strategic advice to families and individuals, and loving it!

In this episode, Ben and Adrian find out what work-life balance looks like for Stella, how the AWA team structure their upfront and ongoing services, how they shift their advice process to cater for both younger and older clients, the benefits of mapping out client reviews a year in advance and how AWA is leveraging videos to train staff and educate clients.

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This podcast has been brought to you by Zurich Life & Investments (, one of the last true independent life insurers in Australia. Zurich has always believed in the value of advice and the professionals who provide it.

They continue to invest in programs such as this one that are designed to strengthen the health and reputation of the advice profession. We are proud to partner with Zurich to help shape the future direction of advice and make it more accessible to more Australians.

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