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At Morningstar Australasia we’re motivated by our mission to create great products that help investors reach their financial goals. Our independence is unshakeable. Staying true to our long-term investing and advocating for investors’​ rights, even when the crowds are doing the opposite, is how we remain a trusted voice of reason that rises above the market noise.

We believe that when the investor wins, we all win – including advisers, asset managers, and employers. We help investors practice the discipline of investing in two simple ways:

*We support the people who make investment decisions on their own with high-quality information and tools that help them make the most suitable choices.

*We help people who work with advisers and institutions by making investment decisions for them through our investment management services.

We aim to fight the forces that block the investors path to financial success.

*We simplify complexity
*We encourage investing for the long term
*We turn camouflage into transparency

We want to help more people build long-term value through investing, leading them to independence and, eventually, giving them the financial freedom to live their lives as they choose. Looking to the origin of our name, the sun is but a morning star, and even something as old as the sun is still young relative to the universe. As a symbol of truth and optimism in the financial world, we offer people hope that they can make changes for the better.

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