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Understanding the High Net Worth Segment

Contributor: Mason Stevens

The High-Net-Worth Segment continues to grow in size, commanding more wealth than ever before. To advisors, the segment is becoming increasingly attractive, offering both revenue growth potential, and intellectual challenge.​ But the HNW segment is widely misunderstood, and many of the assumptions about them – their advice needs, their service needs, and their investment behaviours – are wide of the mark.​

​To help you crack the code of this segment, we have partnered with Mason Stevens on a short video series. Packed with advisor insights, this series is a must watch for advisors looking to enter the HNW market, or strengthen their existing HNW proposition.​

We would like to thank Mason Stevens for help us bring this project to life, and special thanks to our guests:​

  • Matthew Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer/Head of Advice, Matrix Norwest
  • Jacqueline Fernley, Chief Investment Officer, Mason Stevens​
  • Vien Luong, Chief Platform Officer, Mason Stevens​
  • Nick Mitchell, Head of Distribution, Mason Stevens​

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